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Dr Martens Southern Division

Forest Green Rovers4227105874091
St Leonards422697954887
Havant Town4223109814979
Weston S Mare4221138824376
Witney Town42201111714271
Tonbridge AFC42171510564466
Newport (IOW)42151512735860
Fisher 934218618777760
Clevedon Town4217916757660
Fareham Town42141216537054
Cirencester Town42121218506848
Cinderford Town4213722647646
Trowbridge Town42111120506144
Yate Town4212822558744
Fleet Town4212624479142
Erith & Belvedere4291023609537
Buckingham Town4228322710714
27/07/1996AldershotFriendlyHome3-3N/KM Shepherd N Limber G Dipper
29/07/1996Chester CityFriendlyHome1-2N/KA Browne
03/08/1996Yeovil TownFriendlyHome2-0501M Boulton N Housley
10/08/1996Portland UnitedFriendlyAway5-1400D Laws(2) J Waldock M Boulton OG
17/08/1996Buckingham TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome5-0643M Boulton D Powell I Hutchinson M Shepherd M Greeno
20/08/1996Weston Super MareSouthern League Southern DivisionAway2-1260A Browne M Greeno
24/08/1996Witney TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway1-1197D Powell
26/08/1996Yate TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome1-1868L Bradford
31/08/1996Forest Green RoversSouthern League Southern DivisionAway0-2239N/A
07/09/1996Fleet TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway1-1320D Laws
14/09/1996Camberley TownFA CupHome2-0689A Watkins N Housley
21/09/1996Cirencester TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome3-1662I Hutchinson(2) D Laws
24/09/1996Weston Super MareSouthern League Southern DivisionHome0-3572N/A
28/09/1996Abingdon TownFA CupHome1-0602M Shepherd
05/10/1996DartfordSouthern League Southern DivisionAway5-3452D Laws(2) N Housley(2) D Powell
08/10/1996Fareham TownDoc Martens CupHome4-1399I Hutchinson(2) N Housley D Laws
12/10/1996Cheltenham TownFA CupAway0-1805N/A
16/10/1996Yate TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway2-0142T Kelly D Laws
19/10/1996Fareham TownFA TrophyAway2-2244M Shepherd D Laws
22/10/1996Fareham TownFA TrophyHome7-0547D Laws(2) N Housley(2) M Shepherd I Hutchinson A Browne
26/10/1996BashleySouthern League Southern DivisionHome0-1740N/A
02/11/1996Trowbridge TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway2-2334M Greeno M Boulton
06/11/1996Fareham TownDoc Martens CupAway3-365A Mason M Shepherd M Greeno
09/11/1996ClevedonFA TrophyHome4-1630M Shepherd(2) D Laws N Housley
16/11/1996ClevedonSouthern League Southern DivisionHome5-1590M Shepherd(2) D Laws(2) N Housley
23/11/1996Fisher 93Southern League Southern DivisionAway2-1156D Laws D Powell
26/11/1996Fleet TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome5-0495N Housley(3) D Laws A Browne
30/11/1996Ashford TownFA TrophyHome2-0849D Powell D Laws
07/12/1996Cirencester TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway0-0194N/A
10/12/1996WaterloovilleDoc Martens CupAway1-0150J Waldock
14/12/1996Erith & BelvedereSouthern League Southern DivisionHome2-0648D Laws D Powell
21/12/1996Buckingham TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway5-0105I Hutchinson(2) M Shepherd M Boulton N Housley
26/12/1996Newport - Isle of WightSouthern League Southern DivisionHome1-11132M Shepherd
28/12/1996WaterloovilleSouthern League Southern DivisionAway0-0(A)290N/A
04/01/1997Cinderford TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome2-3576A Browne OG
11/01/1997MargateSouthern League Southern DivisionHome2-0596A Mason N Housley
18/01/1997St Albans CityFA TrophyAway0-2506N/A
22/01/1997Salisbury CityDoc Martens CupAway3-1180D Laws L Bradford N Housley
25/01/1997Tonbridge AngelsSouthern League Southern DivisionHome0-0672N/A
01/02/1997Forest Green RoversSouthern League Southern DivisionHome1-3640D Powell
04/02/1997Forest Green RoversDoc Martens CupHome2-0515A Browne A Mason
08/02/1997MargateSouthern League Southern DivisionAway2-1253N Limber OG
15/02/1997DartfordSouthern League Southern DivisionHome2-1671N Limber J Waldock
22/02/1997Trowbridge TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome2-0761M Boulton N Housley
26/02/1997WaterloovilleSouthern League Southern DivisionAway0-1141N/A
01/03/1997Tonbridge AngelsSouthern League Southern DivisionAway2-1403A Mason M Shepherd
04/03/1997Sudbury TownDoc Martens CupAway0-1250N/A
08/03/1997Witney TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome0-2713N/A
11/03/1997Sudbury TownDoc Martens CupHome0-3712N/A
15/03/1997BashleySouthern League Southern DivisionAway1-4227A Browne
18/03/1997Fareham TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome1-1310D Laws
22/03/1997Cinderford TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway5-0224D Laws(3) L Bradford A Mason
26/03/1997Havant TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway1-2181N Housley
29/03/1997Havant TownSouthern League Southern DivisionHome2-0595N Housley OG
31/03/1997Newport - Isle of WightSouthern League Southern DivisionAway1-2339D Laws
05/04/1997WaterloovilleSouthern League Southern DivisionHome5-0540D Laws(3) D Powell OG
08/04/1997St LeonardsSouthern League Southern DivisionHome1-0515D Laws
12/04/1997ClevedonSouthern League Southern DivisionAway2-2286M Shepherd N Housley
19/04/1997Erith & BelvedereSouthern League Southern DivisionAway1-1227A Browne
26/04/1997Fisher 93Southern League Southern DivisionHome6-2547D Powell(2) L Bradford(2) D Laws A Browne
30/04/1997Fareham TownSouthern League Southern DivisionAway0-2131N/A
03/05/1997St LeonardsSouthern League Southern DivisionAway1-4492J Waldock