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Evo-Stik Southern Premier Division

3Chesham United422112969487521
4Hemel Hempstead Town422261495727223
5Gosport Borough4219131078437035
6Arlesey Town422161570516919
8Cambridge City42206166357666
10Bedford Town42187176156615
11St. Albans City421861881716010
12St. Neots Town42157207777520
13Hitchin Town4215720626852-6
14AFC Totton4215720628452-22
15Chippenham Town42131217636751-4
16Banbury United4214919607551-15
18Frome Town42111219405545-15
19Redditch United4212723326543-33
21Bedworth United4211922397342-34
22Kettering Town*4288264710222-55
Kettering Town 10pts deducted for entering receivership
21/07/2012Portland UnitedFriendlyAway2-1381Mark Ford and Ben Joyce
24/07/2012Hamworthy UnitedFriendlyAway6-2N/ABen Joyce(2) Mark Ford(2) Craig Duff and Matt Groves
28/07/2012Bristol City XIFriendlyHome2-1327Scott Walker and Mark Ford
31/07/2012Wimborne TownFriendlyAway3-2N/AMark Ford, Dan Smith and Own Goal
04/08/2012Dorchester TownBob Lucas TrophyHome0-0504
08/08/2012Chickerell UnitedFriendlyHome4-0N/ADan Smith(2) Matt Groves Mark Ford
11/08/2012Tiverton TownFriendlyAway0-0N/A
18/08/2012Kettering TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-0901
21/08/2012Chippenham TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway2-2364Dan Smith and Scott Walker (pen)
25/08/2012St Neots TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway2-4251Mark Ford and Scott Walker (pen)
27/08/2012BidefordEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome4-2673Ben Joyce(3) and Craig Duff
01/09/2012Redditch UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-0240
04/09/2012AFC TottonEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome3-3635Dan Smith (2) and Scott Walker
08/09/2012Totton and ElingFootball Association Challenge Cup 1st Qualifying RoundAway2-2230Ben Joyce and Scott Walker
11/09/2012Totton and ElingFootball Association Challenge Cup 1st Qualifying Round ReplayHome3-0356Craig Duff, Ben Joyce and Own Goal
15/09/2012Hemel Hempstead TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-1607
19/09/2012Frome TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-2323
22/09/2012Basingstoke TownFootball Association Challenge Cup 2nd Qualifying RoundAway1-3324Ben Joyce
29/09/2012Tiverton TownFootball Association Challenge Trophy 1st Qualifying RoundHome3-0402Matt Groves, Dan Smith and Mark Ford
02/10/2012Gosport BoroughEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome3-3413Mark Ford, Ben Joyce and Ed Palmer
06/10/2012Bedworth UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-2206
13/10/2012Banbury UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway3-1325Ben Joyce(2) and Kyle Critchell
16/10/2012Poole TownRed Insure Cup Round 1Away0-3228
20/12/2012Hitchin TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome3-2655Mark Ford(3)
27/10/2012Shortwood UnitedFootball Association Challenge Trophy 2nd Qualifying RoundHome1-2366Mark Ford
30/10/2012Hamworthy RecreationDorset Football Association Senior Cup Round 2Home7-0126Mark Ford(3), Stephen Reed(2), Ben Joyce and Dan Smith
03/11/2012StourbridgeEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome1-5607Mark Ford
10/11/2012St Albans CityEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway3-2457Mark Ford(2) and Ben Joyce
17/11/2012Cambridge CityEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-1513
27/11/2012Portland UnitedDorset Football Association Senior Cup Round 3Home3-1163Mark Ford(2) and Dan Smith
01/12/2012Bedford TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway2-0231Craig Duff and Ben Joyce
04/12/2012Chesham UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway2-1217Craig Duff and Scott Walker
08/12/2012Arlesey TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome2-1676Ben Joyce (2)
15/12/2012BarwellEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway1-0253Mark Ford
26/12/2012BashleyEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome1-0820Craig Duff
29/12/2012St Neots TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome3-1701Mark Ford, Scott Walker and Sam Poole
01/01/2013BidefordEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway1-2373Scott Walker
05/01/2013Chippenham TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-0679
15/01/2013LeamingtonEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-4422
30/01/2013Exmouth TownFriendlyHome1-046Matt Groves
02/02/2013Gosport BoroughEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-0401
05/02/2013AFC TottonEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway2-5329Ben Joyce(2)
09/02/2013Bedworth UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome2-1512Mark Ford(2)
12/02/2013Frome TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome2-1457Dan Smith and Stephen Reed
16/02/2013Cambridge CityEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-2380
20/02/2013Kettering TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway6-1187Mark Ford(2) Stephen Reed, Ed Palmer, Ben Joyce and Matt Groves
23/02/2013St Albans CityEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome2-0586Kyle Critchell and Mark Ford
27/02/2013Wimborne TownDorset Football Association Senior Cup Semi FinalAway0-1220
02/03/2013Hitchin TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway2-1364Scott Walker and Ben Joyce
05/03/2013Hemel Hempstead TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway3-1223Ed Palmer, Ben Joyce and Mark Ford
09/03/2013Banbury UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome1-0764Ed Palmer
16/03/2013StourbridgeEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-5519
23/03/2013Chesham UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-3673
30/03/2013Redditch UnitedEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-2651
01/04/2013BashleyEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-1304
06/04/2013Bedford TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome0-4548
13/04/2013LeamingtonEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway1-1891Ben Joyce
20/04/2013BarwellEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueHome2-1685Barry McConnell and Mark Ford
27/04/2013Arlesey TownEvo Stick Southern Premier LeagueAway0-3186