Club Ownership

Weymouth Football Club trading as Weymouth Football Club Ltd
Company Number 00199734
Shareholding details per Companies House
as at 23rd August 2016
No. of % of  total
shares shares
Mr Andrew G Chubb 70.0k 5.80%
Mr Ralph Ricardo 65.2k 5.41%
WFC Supporters Assocation 60.1k 4.98%
Mr Paul F Cocks 46.3k 3.84%
Mr Nigel Biddlecombe 43.5k 3.61%
Mr Peter Saxby 22.7k 1.88%
Mr Rob Bowman 21.0k 1.74%
Mr Stephen Taylor 21.0k 1.74%
Mr Oliver Sheen 20.1k 1.67%
Mr Tristian Murless 20.0k 1.66%
Mr Alan Pepperell 17.0k 1.41%
Mr Tony William Greaves 15.0k 1.24%
Mr Jamie Lyones 12.9k 1.07%