Previous Seasons 2001/02

Statistics are courtesy of Nigel Biddlecombe.
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Dr Martens Premier Division

Kettering Town422769804187
Havant and Waterlooville4222911745075
Crawley Town42211011674873
Newport County4219914614866
Tiverton Town42171015706361
Moor Green4218717646261
Worcester City42161214655460
Stafford Rangers4217916706260
Ilkeston Town42141612586158
Hinckley United42141315646255
Folkestone Invicta42141216516154
Cambridge City42121614607052
Welling United42131217696651
Hednesford Town4215621597051
Bath City42131118566550
Chelmsford City42131118637550
Newport (IOW)42121218386148
Kings Lynn42111318445746
Merthyr Tydfil4212822537144
Salisbury City426828368726
21/07/2001ReadingFriendlyH1-3702R Speakman
28/07/2001Weymouth SportsFriendlyH7-0186M Underhay(3) M Rawlinson(2) S Browne D Laws
04/08/2001Gravesend & NorthfleetFriendlyH1-3290D Rowbotham
09/08/2001Westland SportsFriendlyH12-1N/KD Rowbotham(6) D Laws(3) M Robinson(2) M Dean
11/08/2001Chard TownFriendlyA6-1N/KD Rowbotham(2) M Robinson(2) I Hutchinson J Rowbotham
18/08/2001Worcester CitySouthern League Premier DivisionA3-31011A Browne(2) M Dean
21/08/2001Bath CitySouthern League Premier DivisionH0-0930N/A
25/08/2001Welling UnitedSouthern League Premier DivisionH1-1705L Phillips
27/08/2001Tiverton TownSouthern League Premier DivisionA1-01038L Phillips
01/09/2001TamworthSouthern League Premier DivisionH2-1729L Phillips M Robinson
04/09/2001Salisbury CitySouthern League Premier DivisionA3-2545D Laws M Rawlinson L Phillips
08/09/2001Stafford RangersSouthern League Premier DivisionA1-2779D Laws
11/09/2001Newport CountySouthern League Premier DivisionH2-1804L Phillips M Rawlinson
15/09/2001Cambridge CitySouthern League Premier DivisionH4-2724D Laws(3) L Phillips
18/09/2001Bath CitySouthern League Premier DivisionA1-2710D Laws
22/09/2001Hednesford TownSouthern League Premier DivisionA4-2556L Phillips(2) D Rowbotham S Browne
29/09/2001Highworth TownFA CupA3-0305I Hutchinson D Rowbotham S Browne
06/10/2001Havant & WaterloovilleSouthern League Premier DivisionH0-1741N/A
09/10/2001Salisbury CitySouthern League Premier DivisionH2-1701A Browne D Laws
13/10/2001Crawley TownFA CupH3-1831A Browne L Phillips D Laws
20/10/2001Crawley TownSouthern League Premier DivisionA0-01100N/A
22/10/2001Newport CountySouthern League Premier DivisionA2-1716D Laws(2)
27/10/2001Hinckley UnitedFA CupH1-21258S Browne
03/11/2001Kings LynnSouthern League Premier DivisionH2-1778L Phillips M Rawlinson
10/11/2001Ilkeston TownSouthern League Premier DivisionA2-2546D Laws A Browne
13/11/2001Salisbury CityDoc Martens CupH4-0399D Laws(2) I Hutchinson L Phillips
17/11/2001Chelmsford CitySouthern League Premier DivisionH2-1883D Laws M Robinson
24/11/2001Cambridge CitySouthern League Premier DivisionA2-2649I Hutchinson D Laws
27/11/2001Weymouth SportsDorset Senior CupH5-0228I Hutchinson(2) D Laws(2) L Phillips
01/12/2001Chesham UnitedFA TrophyA0-4416N/A
04/12/2001Dorchester TownDoc Martens CupA2-3906D Laws S Browne
08/12/2001Kings LynnSouthern League Premier DivisionA0-0777N/A
15/12/2001Moor GreenSouthern League Premier DivisionH0-1803N/A
26/12/2001Tiverton TownSouthern League Premier DivisionH2-11303D Rowbotham L Phillips
29/12/2001Worcester CitySouthern League Premier DivisionH1-2903R Cross
05/01/2002Crawley TownSouthern League Premier DivisionH1-21058OG
08/01/2002AllendaleDorset Senior CupH8-2178L Phillips(3) M Underhay(2) D Rowbotham D Laws M Rawlinson
19/01/2002Folkestone InvictaSouthern League Premier DivisionA3-1424L Phillips(3)
26/01/2002Hinckley UnitedSouthern League Premier DivisionH1-1673S Browne
28/01/2002Chelmsford CitySouthern League Premier DivisionA1-2380L Phillips
02/02/2002Kettering TownSouthern League Premier DivisionH3-11005I Hutchinson L Phillips M Dean
16/02/2002Moor GreenSouthern League Premier DivisionA1-7332S Browne
23/02/2002Newport - Isle of WightSouthern League Premier DivisionH0-2940N/A
02/03/2002Hinckley UnitedSouthern League Premier DivisionA2-3327I Hutchinson D Laws
06/03/2002Wimborne TownDorset Senior CupN4-1226M Underhay K Parker M Robinson D Rowbotham
09/03/2002Folkestone InvictaSouthern League Premier DivisionH1-1702K Parker
12/03/2002Merthyr TydfilSouthern League Premier DivisionA1-0506D Rowbotham
16/03/2002Havant & WaterloovilleSouthern League Premier DivisionA2-3594K Parker(2)
23/03/2002Hednesford TownSouthern League Premier DivisionH0-4712N/A
28/03/2002Portland UnitedFriendlyA1-1305D Rowbotham
30/03/2002Welling UnitedSouthern League Premier DivisionA1-1570M Rawlinson
01/04/2002Merthyr TydfilSouthern League Premier DivisionH4-1701M Rawlinson S Browne K Parker M Robinson
06/04/2002TamworthSouthern League Premier DivisionA0-31165N/A
09/04/2002Newport - Isle of WightSouthern League Premier DivisionA0-0433N/A
13/04/2002Stafford RangersSouthern League Premier DivisionH0-1630N/A
16/04/2002Dorchester TownDorset Senior CupA1-1623M Rawlinson
20/04/2002Kettering TownSouthern League Premier DivisionA1-42420M Rawlinson
27/04/2002Ilkeston TownSouthern League Premier DivisionH0-1767N/A